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The government requires the credit reporting agencies to provide you a free credit report once a year.

No need to sign up for a service. Nothing to join.

You don't need to join a credit monitoring service to get this report!

Go to Free Credit Report Website

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FICO, the company that produces credit scores, is providing some information about how your credit score is affected by certain events.

  On a 680 score On a 780 score
Maxed-out card -10 to -30 -25 to -45
30-day late payment -60 to -80 -90 to -110
Debt settlement -45 to -65 -105 to -125
Foreclosure -85 to -105 -140 to -160
Bankruptcy -130 to -150 -220 to -240

source: FICO

Here is the MSN Money article with more information.
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